retro pool party

Beautiful villa in a natural reserve, swimming pool, vinyl dj set, lindy hop, hoola hoop contest, twister, and lots of natural wines & artisanal beers!!!

cascine gustando - ediz. zipo

In my friend Elisa's beautiful Cascina Zipo, a day dedicated to Yoga, cheese workshops, vegan organic lunch and natural wines!

billie holiday & natural wines

Dreamy location in Via solferino, one of Milan's most fascinating neighborhoods. Fabulous wines and lovely company accompanied by projections of Lady Day and swing

singapore wine tasting experience

The four day tasting we held from January 14th to 17th  was prolific and fulfilling, we were welcomed with great warmth by different actors of the current scene in Singapore: high end restaurants, hotels, distributors as well as a fresh, new generation of young open-minded people who run original restaurants, combining tradition and modern cuisine, ready to play their winning cards, their ambitions. 

fiascherino secret event

A villa by the sea with tis breathtaking view of the gulf of Poets was the location for our first edition of the emotional secret events. Live music, an art exhibition, traditional ligurian food and obviously... natural wines!